So far CryptoFootball has been managed with an economy focused on stability in this chaotic Metaverse, however, this caused all players could be too calm in their matches and failed to evoke the necessary emotion for their adventures to have the excitement and danger that characterized them.
To help us with this titanic task we introduce Oracle, our new Smart Reward System (SRS) in line with the current NFT market this tool will allow players to participate in the speculation with the amount of $SCORE they have at their disposal while generating stagger moments of adjustments where values are updated.

How does it work?

All in-game costs (mint, rewards, stamina, etc.) will be updated each time the token reaches a price threshold where the token effectively doubles in value from the pre-set base price of 2, this will allow the thrill of volatility and at the same time facilitate speculation with the opportunity for constant growth.
Once one of the thresholds is reached (2,4,8,16,32, etc) all costs will be updated to the original stipulated values, for example, if the token reaches a threshold price of 1$ USDT the value of minting will be 50 SCORE until it reaches the next threshold. If it reaches 2$ the cost of minting will be 25 SCORE, in this same way once it reaches the limit of 4$ the cost of mint will be 12.5 SCORE this same value will be maintained until another threshold is reached, if the token goes back down to 2$ the cost of minting will once again be updated to 25 SCORE.
This Smart Reward System (SRS) allows us to create entry windows for new players at points where the currency has changed its value too much either up or down and at the same time be involved in the speculation game. Your potential earnings could be even higher than the established ones, the thrill of exploration is back!
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change the Oracle properties at any point in order to improve the economy.